Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Days 12 of Hot Yoga!

I ended up not going to yoga on Sunday. It just didn't fit in and I am not interested in creating stress for myself so I can go and reduce my stress.

I did go on Monday.

Yesterday I went to the 6:30 class which was totally full. I got there and there was one spot in the back corner and a few open spaces in the front row. I took the spot in the back.

The best thing that happened was I was able to stretch forward, grab my big toes, lock my knees and pull my heels up off of the floor. Amazing. I can't say that it felt fantastic, but it didn't really hurt either. It felt like an accomplishment. I wanted to shout "Hey! Look! My heels are off the floor!" Big smile goes here.

I am still sweating buckets in class. I know I've said this before, but, it's incredible. Actually, I think my sweating has increased over time. The stuff just pours out of me. Crazy. I can tell you it has improved the skin on my face greatly. I require less moisturizer and my pores are tighter. This is great!

I am working to finish the class strong. This is supposed to increase your energy. I am pretty wiped out by the time we get to the last three or four poses, so it's mind over matter. I just keep telling myself that my body is strong and getting stronger.

I was a bit light-headed after class. Actually, I'm generally light-headed after class. When I sit up in the room after the final shavasana, I usually sit for a minute and drink water, both to rehydrate and to allow my equilibrium to stabilize.

I finished all my water on the bus ride home. It doesn't serve me to sit for an extended period of time right after class. When I stood up to get off the bus my whole body felt stiff. I may have to stand up for part of the ride home in the future, which will look weird since there are few people on the bus at 8:15 p.m.

Not that I don't already look weird covered in sweat with my hair a mess.

I wear my hair in a ponytail. It gets so wet from the sweat on my back that there's no way I could comb it right after class. I generally just try to smooth it back and leave it as-is. I may have to start pinning it up in the back.

When I got home, I wasn't very hungry so I just had a salad with my new favorite dressing. Olive oil, a small bit of toasted sesame oil, a little honey melted in a a little hot water and ponzu sauce. Yum! I have no idea why this dressing does it for me, but it's so good that I drink what's left in the bowl.

I was watching a movie and at 10:15 I couldn't stay awake one moment longer. I slept like the dead and woke at 6 feeling fabulous.

When I got out of bed, the backs of my legs shouted, "Hey! Look! We're here!" Stretching that deeply the 1st time was bound to have its consequences. My legs did warm up and calm down over the course of the morning.

Please Note: I have no idea if people bend over backward as far as the illustration at the top of the page. I  can tell you that I don't. Although, I can now see part of the back wall when I do this pose. . . Guess I'll have to take a look around the room and see just how far people bend back. . .


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