Sunday, June 21, 2009

Planned Obsolescence

I love Sundays. I try to keep them slow and easy.

Today was a bit of a test. We had to replace the kitchen faucet. It seems that planned obsolescence is starting to take over in our 19-year-old apartment. So far this year, we've lost the dishwasher (it's now a glorified dish drainer), the microwave (I prefer it broken, anyway) and now the faucet. The sad thing is, the new one that we bought (and installed after only one return to Home Depot) has a plastic sprayer. How long will that last? And can we replace the sprayer without replacing the whole unit? Believe me, we (meaning Mr. Green mostly) don't want to go through the process again. I mostly just stood around and handed tools and turned the faucet off and on, while Mr. Green was more inside than outside the cupboard, banging his head and knuckles.

A job well done and the new faucet works like a dream! But for how long?

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