Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There are two great movies out there right now to see. . . funny how things surface in pairs.

One is free & you can watch it on the net. It's called HOME. Beautiful beautiful beautiful footage from all around the world with insightful information about the global condition. A hopeful ending. Make organic popcorn the old fashioned way (in a pot - on the stove), pour a glass of wine and enjoy.

The other is one you'll have to pay $9 to see. It's called Food, Inc. A great combination off all the stuff you probably were already aware of put forth in a format that is both shocking and not surprising. Don't buy the popcorn. It's a Monsanto product. Bring water in your own bottle. :)

I'm a farm community girl. I've seen animals in all their pieces and parts. The most shocking thing for me, in this movie, was the unidentifiable blobs that scooted along conveyer belts and went through a lot of bleaching processes surrounded by steam and large pipes - in my head I kept saying, "Wait a minute! What is that? Rewind! I don't get it. Is that chicken? beef? some sort of pork leftover? I don't know what that is!" as it turns out, what was ground and ended up as a frozen square that fit perfectly into a box was. . . yes, folks - the % of fat additive in your lean ground beef. . . just the fat additive. All alone. Frozen in a box. Yummy? See the movie. Find a local source. They are there. Just look.

Also, new to my world is a Farm Fresh to You box every other week. What fun! An organic surprise at my door every other Tuesday. We get a small mixed box. If you'd like to see what they have to offer, go to www.farmfreshtoyou.com and click on one of the food choices on the right hand side of the page. Tomorrow our small box will contain a mix of local, organic, seasonal fruits and veggies that we will use as the basis of most of our meals and snacks for a few days. It doesn't last long.

We also have a small organic garden out back. I'll post pictures soon. We planted a whole month late, but things are coming along. So far we've enjoyed radishes (Frank's favorite) and spinach (2 pickings). It's fun and easy! Grow your own!

All the best,

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