Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Technology & Determination

In my over-zealousness to "Put It All Together" I managed to cause a huge headache for myself. . . I thought that I couldn't change my screen name on Twitter, so, without even checking to see if I could, I started a new account.

Guess What? You CAN change your screen name on Twitter. I'm assuming that you can't on Facebook. (?) Not that it matters at this point. When I realized my mistake, I deleted the new account and tried to change my screen name on my old account.

Guess What Else? If you cancel an account on Twitter that doesn't make the screen name available again. The name goes into the Twitter holding pen (I envision this to be like the holding pen on a factory farm just before the kill floor - all those abandoned screen names milling around, bumping up against each other and mooing, waiting to be deleted). I don't know how long the abandoned screen names stay there. . . I'm not that patient. I panicked when I couldn't change my screen name on my old account to my cool and heart-felt new name and tried to sign in to the new account which I had deleted.

Guess What Else? Twitter, in all their smartness (and I mean that) saved my account for me and gave me the opportunity to easily reinstate it. Instantly. Right now. With no scolding or hand wringing. I did. Now I get to migrate all my followers on Twitter - for no reason beyond my own eagerness - to my new page.

If you are one of my followers Please follow me at greenfoodjunkie on Twitter.

I Live and Learn. Slowly. But Surely.

Have a Technologically easy day!

NOW Guess What?! I get to migrate all my Twitter Pals to my new page.

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